In pleasant environment of the village near Lake Bled ,the most attractive tourist venue of Slovenia, we offer comfortable rooms and home made breakfasts.

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Very near to the Lake Bled

The house is in a small village barely a kilometer away from the Lake.Local boats called »pletna« can take you to the island and the church that the Lake is known for.The village lies on the slopes of the mountain JELOVICA and overlooks the river SAVA BOHINJKA.Many walking paths will take you to surrounding hills and wonderful views.Those of you feeling more fit could climb to the summit of JELOVICA and from BABJI ZOB enjoy breathtaking view of Bled and the mountain ridge of theKaravanke alps.
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We offer two recently refurbished rooms and completely redecorated bathrooms.The bathrooms are supplied with hair driers,liquid soap and towels.

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We are Image titleaware that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day we will spoil you with a healthy and tasty meal that will give you the energy to to wander and enjoy the sights of Bled and its surroundings.
Our offer consists of a variety of sweet and savoury pastries,cooked local specialties such as buckwheat or corn ZGANCI seasoned with cracklings and served with coffee and milk.Or, »DEAF DUMPLINGS« served with honey, or boiled strudel with curd »STRUKLJI«.If you decide to stay several days we will make sure you enjoy the variety.We will also serve home made jams and local honey.All dairy products and cured meats are of local origin.Throughout the year we forage medicinal herbs and will serve them as teas or syrups.All vegetables are grown in our garden.


There is a slovenian saying that says »if you drop a slice of bread pick
Image titleIt up and kiss it«.In the past home made bread was treated with respect and played an important part.Through history this attitude towards bread has changed and home made bread has now been replaced by varieties of industrially baked bread.When you decide to stay with us you will wake every morning to the smell of freshly home baked bread.There will be different kinds .Our specialty is bread baked in traditional famer s oven.We will also serve sour bread known for its slightly sour taste.


We are family CEBASEK,Francka and Image titleMiro, not so young as years go but young at heart.The life style we lead does not let us grow old.We have seven children nearly all already adults.Some of them have left home , moved abroad and have families of their own.We enjoy visiting them and our grandchildren.

Image titleAs a young family we came to live in this house in 1992.
The house is known to the locals as »SIRRCA«.In the thirties it was built to serve as a collection point for dairy farmers and making cheese »SIR« thus the name.For some years it was also a village shop.After the second world war it was home to lodgers.After the house was bought by my family it was refurbished and for some time the rooms were rented to tourists.The pleasant environment and the vicinity of the Lake made it attractive to tourists as early as the seventies.As we had a large family and other responsibilities we gave this up at the time.
However, in 2019 we decided to completely refurbish and redecorate the house and restart renting again.As I love cooking and baking   we decided to offer bed and breakfast.We would like our guests to experience authentic village life and enjoy our home made breakfasts.

Image titleAs a family we spend a lot of time outdoors.The countryside and Triglav national park have inspired us to lead an outdoor, sporty and active life.In my youth I used to spend summers up in the mountains tending cows and discovering nature.My husband enjoys football and has passed his interest to the boys.The sport of the family, however, is long distance skiing.The snow clad paths of Pokljuka are our family s home ground.Throughout the years the members of our family have been taking part in
professional sport, championships and even the Olympic games. Nowdays we take part at Triathlon of Bohinj and have already gained a trophy.
Now when some members of the family are away and far from us we cherish the moments when we all meet.Last year we had two weddings. The wedding planned for his summer had to be postponed due to COVID 19 but we remain optimists as ever and know that we will enjoy it when it takes place.